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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 12 Recap — Lisa Angers Brandi About Her Broken Hand!

Give Brandi Glanville a hand! In this week's recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 12, Brandi meets with her estranged father and then breaks her hand at a self-defense class! So grab a gun, put on your favorite Ah-nuld DVD, and don't call anyone a drug dealer.

Man's Best Friend? Not Always

When the episode begins, Carlton Gebbia auditions strippers for her upcoming party, just as we all do for our own parties, right? Then, Lisa meets with Brandi and Brandi's new pooch, Buddy, although Brandi isn't yet attached to the little guy and his surprise gifts (a.k.a. pools of urine). Lisa also appears disappointed that Brandi is taking Yolanda Foster instead of Lisa to her book reading in Sacramento.

Yolanda and Brandi arrive in Sacramento and relax in their luxurious suite, where they're rather disgusted to learn that Arnold Schwarzenegger once stayed. Poor Arnold. Brandi calls her father, but he refuses to speak to her, and we learn that he was offended to be referred to as a "drug dealer" in Brandi's first book. So people don't like being referred to as drug dealers in books? Good to know.

After Brandi's emotional reading, she and Yolanda go out to dinner with Brandi's dad, Guy, and Yolanda does an amazing job of helping Guy and Brandi patch things up. By the end of the episode, things between Brandi and her dad aren't perfect, but the two definitely seem to be on the right path. Kudos, Yolanda!

Credit: Ben Cohen/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Don't Choke

Kyle Richards and Mauricio celebrate Shabbat and plan their daughter Sophia's bat mitzvah. Sophia wants an extravagant party, but her folks have other plans. And we love the look on Kyle's face when she talks about how Jewish couples are required to have sex on the Sabbath. Suddenly, Kyle is very happy to have converted.

Joyce Giraud's home was almost robbed recently — thank goodness for their window-shattering pet boxer! — so she learns to shoot a gun and then invites the ladies to a self-defense class. Yolanda almost strangles their instructor to death — know when to say when, Yolanda! — and then Brandi fractures her hand while taking a swing at the instructor's cranium. Ouch!

Brandi joins Kyle and Lisa for a drink instead of getting her hand looked at by a doctor. Lisa thinks Brandi should seek medical attention, but Brandi bristles at the fact that Lisa seems to be mothering her. And Lisa and Kyle seem to be on great terms, even though Lisa seems to be surprised that Kyle gives a cute card to Brandi but not to Lisa.

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Our Overall Thoughts

With the exception of that unfortunate hand fracture — never aim for the skull, Brandi! — this week's episode was mostly full of upbeat moments. It was great to see Yolanda assist Brandi in repairing things with her dad, and it's great to see how tight Kyle and Lisa are now.

That said, there are definite signs of the continuing tension between certain women. In particular, Brandi clearly has issues with how Lisa is treating her. But why is Brandi so upset about Lisa simply wanting her hand to heal properly? We'll have to say Brandi had no reason to resent Lisa for being concerned.

And by the way, it's interesting that there was no mention of Adrienne Maloof, who once took the ladies to a Sacramento Kings game, which her family owned at the time. Anyway, we can't wait for next week's episode! Let's just hope no one gets physically injured like they did this week.