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Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe Welcomes Baby Saylor Into the World — A Week Before Wedding!

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s wedding is happening this Sunday, but as the countdown gets toward its end, another face in Bachelor Nation is slipping in to steal the spotlight.

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Bachelor Nation, meet Saylor Scott, Season 4 Bachelorette contestant Jeremy Anderson’s newborn daughter. Although all eyes will be on SeanCat this weekend, the little lady is so adorable, Catherine is probably happy to step aside to let Saylor have her moment in the sun. In fact, Sean’s the one who brought her to our attention in the first place!

On January 20, Sean tweeted, “Congratulations to my great friend @jeremycade for welcoming his daughter Saylor Scott into this world today!” He included a picture of the precious little girl, all wrapped up in a footprint blanket and wearing a pink and white hat.

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Jeremy quickly retweeted his pal, adding, “Looks like she got my arms and your abs.” Well, that’s going to be an interesting look for the little lady...

Now that Jer has a newborn at home there’s no doubt that his life is about to get turned upside down. But Jeremy has a busy week ahead of him, regardless: He’s part of Sean and Catherine’s wedding party, which means you’ll get to see him on live TV during SeanCat’s January 26 wedding.

No word yet if little Saylor will be making an appearance at the big event. But we’re willing to bet she’s still a bit too young for all that excitement.

Source: Sean Lowe on Twitter