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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison: Was It OK for Juan Pablo to Surprise Girls Sans Makeup?

On The Bachelor Episode 3, Juan Pablo Galavis exercised one of his rights as the 2014 Bachelor and just showed up at his harem house to cook a special Venezuelan breakfast. This surprise visit was not met with universal excitement, since some of the love-seekers weren’t prepared to be seen in “raw” form.

Chris Harrison seemed to view the breakfast as a fascinating social experiment. “I found it very interesting to see the reaction from the women,” he wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog this week. “Kelly [Travis] gave him a quick fly-by before running back upstairs, while single mom Renee [Oteri] couldn’t have cared less and just rolled on into the kitchen.”

Some of that may be maturity, but for others it was how they were brought up. Renee, 32, is comfortable in her own skin, and clearly not that competitive since she’s always playing house mother for her romance rivals. “Dog Lover” Kelly, 27, on the other hand, said she was basically raised to not let a guy see you without your “face” on.

The different reactions left Chris posing his own Carrie Bradshaw-style questions: “I think this brings up an interesting conversation,” he wrote. “Was it okay for [Juan Pablo] to just show up unannounced? Does a woman have the right to decide when a guy gets to see her without makeup when she first wakes up?”

What do you think? His question is a little late, since Brad Womack surprised his Season 15 ladies before the crack of dawn and made them pose in bikinis for a Sports Illustrated shoot. Maybe Chris didn’t think much about it back then, since he wasn’t a single guy himself. Now that he’s got a couple years of singletude under his (own menswear line) belt, maybe he’s genuinely curious as to how he should behave.

It’s a little surprising to see Chris pose this question now, when he didn't seem to have an issue with asking women to take their clothes off for Episode 2’s photo shoot. Why is it worse to see them clothed, but with no makeup?

This is a show about several women trying to impress one guy, so what would you have done if the Bachelor just showed up for breakfast? Would you put some makeup on first? Stay in whatever you were wearing? Renee admitted she hadn’t even brushed her teeth yet; would you have run back upstairs to brush when you saw JPG, or figured it was a chance for him to see you as you really are on any given morning?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

That was my favorite part of the episode

I hated watching that!

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