Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis on Andi Dorfman’s “Steamy” Kiss and Renee Oteri’s Chore-Doing Prowess

Is Renee Oteri in Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’s friend zone? Or maybe even his house mother zone?

Juan Pablo dished about Season 18, Episode 3 in his People blog, giving brief props to Renee for showing “what an amazing woman she is by helping me cook and helping the girls clean up everything” after his surprise breakfast. Um, that sounds more like housekeeper/nanny/mom than girlfriend.

Contrast that to what JPG says about Andi Dorfman, from during the soccer group date: “The cocktail party was at the stadium, and that was so great to show the girls how soccer has been in my life and will always be an important part of it,” JPG wrote. "Kissing Andi at the concession stand was very steamy — that place was so hot and things got even a little hotter."

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    

He definitely seems to be into Andi, even if the group date rose ultimately went to Nikki Ferrell. Andi was the first call-out during the rose ceremony, even before Renee, who has been The Angel of Mercy in the past two episodes. You remember how his eyes lit up when he first saw Andi come out of the limo? His eyes are still that bright. On the other hand, he seems to look at Renee with more respect than attraction ... and maybe he’s taking her a bit for granted?

Last week, Renee was the one on the floor of that bathroom with drunk Victoria Lima. This week, Renee was once again the house MVP — consoling crying Clare Crawley, helping with breakfast preparation, and even admiring how Juan Pablo took Cassandra Ferguson for a date because she’s a single mom and Juan Papa said he would give the single moms special attention so he didn’t keep them too long from their kids.

Well, what about Renee?! She’s a single mom too. Cassandra is only 21 while Renee is 32, the same age as Juan Pablo. Why didn’t Renee get a date this week? Was it because Cassandra was so emotional last week? The crying wheel gets the grease, so to speak?

Renee has proven to be a great friend, and the best therapist a neurotic basket case could want. She’s always there when another girl needs a shoulder to cry on, but does she have chemistry with Juan Pablo? Does he see her as a girlfriend or as someone who can basically handle the drama on his behalf while he’s busying kissing (other) hot girls like Andi?

Do you think Juan Pablo owes Renee a little more time and attention or is the burden on Renee to stop playing house mother and make a move?

Source: People