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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Intern Actors Splurge on Food Truck for Cast and Crew

As if we haven’t wished on every birthday candle and shooting star for the past ten years that we could be friends with the Grey’s Anatomy cast, we’ve got another reason for you to add to your list. Apparently, food trucks on set are a regular thing… and this week, they were provided courtesy of the interns.

Tessa Ferrer (Leah Murphy), Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson), Gaius Charles (Shane Ross), and Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie Edwards) splurged on a food truck from India Jones, an L.A. based Indian food restaurant. Yum! If they’re trying to get in good with the rest of the cast, we think they’re off to a pretty good start.

And it must have been good, because when Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) posted a photo of the truck — complete with a sweet note from the intern actors — he included the following caption: “#IAmPretendingThatIAmOrderingForTwoAndThenGonnaHideIn TheBathroomAndEatItAll.”

How’d that work out for you, Jesse?

We’re totally jealous. If the Grey’s cast wanted to eat dinner with us, we’d totally buy.

If it was your turn to buy dinner for the Grey’s cast, what would be on the menu?

Source: Instagram