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Teen Mom 3

Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee Divorcing? Mackenzie Said It Almost Happened!

Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit and her husband, Josh McKee, are happily married — but things weren't always so great. In case you need a reminder, their relationship almost came to an end in February 2013, when Mackenzie tweeted, "Satan tries very hard to get in between us," to which Josh replied, "We shall defeat him baby."

But it looks like Satan has reared his head again, and he almost caused Mackenzie and Josh to divorce just a few months after their wedding — but don't worry! They totally worked it out.

"As mostly everyone knows we have had many struggles in our relationship and even after we got married the devil really attacked our relationship," Mackenzie posted to Instagram. "I was about to give up and so was he. I never let my praying knees get lazy and right before we were gonna call it off for good God just worked his magic, found us a house, and just like that were now best friends and he is the most loving, caring, hard working guy and I couldn't imagine life without him."

Sigh, Mackenzie and Josh are so #blessed. But we're slightly shocked to hear that they almost called it quits after their wedding. Let's not forget that Mackenzie is currently pregnant (and was also pregnant at the time of her nuptials) — it would have been awful for this girl to raise a baby all on her lonesome!

Are you surprised by this bombshell? Satan, take the wheel!

Source: Instagram