Braxton Family Values: Top 4 Moments From Season 3, Episode 22, “Chix in a Row”
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Braxton Family Values: Top 4 Moments From Season 3, Episode 22, “Chix in a Row”

The Braxton sisters were all business in last night’s episode, “Chix in a Row.” It seemed like almost all of the sisters — mainly Trina, Traci, Toni, and Tamar Braxton, were knee-deep in several projects. With all these busy women trying to steady their careers, it’s safe to say that tons of stressful moments are sure to follow.

1. Trina launches ‘Bar Chix’ with Gabe’s help… sort of. Initially, Trina was supposed to launch her new bartending services company, Bar Chix, at sister Towanda Braxton’s big 40th birthday extravaganza, but because of miscommunication between Towanda’s party planners and Trina’s staff, Bar Chix wasn’t able to launch at Towanda’s party. On last night’s episode, however, Trina gets the chance to give her company the time to shine when she hosts a Bar Chix launch party in Atlanta. Of course, the process of launching isn’t especially easy because of the many suggestions and questions from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Gabe Solis.

Trina starts to feel the pressure during the launch as she struggles to keep guests entertained and well liquored up, and Gabe out of her ear. When the “Game Time” singer starts to doubt whether or not the party was a success, TV icon Jasmine Guy (A Different World) congratulates Trina on having a business venture that’s entirely hers and wishes her the best. Obviously this boosts Trina’s self-esteem and she’s able to tolerate Gabe’s presence — even when he compliments her “perfect” boobs. Ew, Gabe. Ew.

Braxton Family Values: Top 4 Moments From Season 3, Episode 22, “Chix in a Row”
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2. Traci is flying solo with her first album. After years of being in the background, Traci is finally moving into the foreground and making big moves for herself. Not only does she have her own radio show (serving the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area), but Tray-Tray also reveals that she is working on her first solo album!

Though Traci is pretty anxious to step into the studio to lay down the vocals for her first track, “Last Call”, she’s met with tons of problems — including not being familiar with the song! After several failed attempts, Traci is given a stern talking to by her managers and producers, who encourage her to take care of her voice and prepare to make her album a success — because if she isn’t ready to be her own musical star, then the public wouldn’t.

On her second try in the studio, Traci sounds better and receives tons of praise from her managers and producers, who basically tell Traci that it’s her time to shine among her sisters.

3. Tamar feels lonely on the road. While on tour with John Legend, Tamar stops over in Atlanta and joins her sisters for dinner. During cocktails, all the sisters decompress about their current stresses and Tay-Tay confesses that she’s feeling extra lonely on the road. Not only is she only able to spend limited time with her baby boy Logan, but her husband, Vincent “The” Herbert, is once again in the hospital on follow-up checkups. When Tamar asks her sisters if one (or all) of them could periodically join her on the road to keep her company, she’s met with an awkward silence. Though Trina volunteers her time, Tamar is still a bit saddened by the fact that neither Towanda or Traci can come on board with spending time with her.

During a tour stop in Chicago, Tamar is visited by Trina, who tries to play with nephew Logan, though his mama Tamar is hogging the squishy baby. Afterwards, Tamar and Trina go out for drinks with the rest of Tamar’s road crew and Tamar wishes that someday all her sisters could join in the fun.

4. Toni’s ready to bare all in a tell-all memoir. Now that Toni is officially making a comeback, the Grammy award-winning singer has decided that she wants to open up to her fans and decides to write a tell-all memoir. When Toni meets with the co-author, however, she is daunted by the fact that she’ll probably have to talk about her public bankruptcy — something she’s not sure she wants to dive into.

After some discussion, Toni begins to loosen up her reservations about being so personal, citing that this will help her career, and allow her fans in to another side of her that no one has seen yet. She even jokes about bringing some Fifty Shades of Grey moments into the memoir as well! Get it, girl!

A new episode of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, January 30 at 9 p.m. ET on WE TV.

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