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The Bachelor

Relive Sean and Catherine’s First Date in Canada: Bachelor 2013 Flashback

Say what you want about Sean Lowe, but the man has discipline. He's marrying his Bachelor sweetheart, Catherine Giudici, this Sunday, January 26, and it will be the first time they consummate their love. He's willing to wait for a good thing, which he first showed back on Season 17 when it took him six full episodes to finally have a one-on-one date with Catherine.

The SeanCat love story really began during that winter wonderland in Canada. "Catherine," the date card read, "Let's find our fairy tale ending..." Watching that for the first time, we didn't know for sure it would actually happen. And yet here we are!

Relive some of the magic in the video below.

Sean picks Catherine up in a snowcoach in Jasper National Park and they play in the wind, ice and snow. The conditions are harsh but these two are such goofballs — it’s a perfect preview of their future social media and wedding save-the-date silliness.

As Sean says at one point, "This is what I want from a wife. I want someone who can totally embrace the moment and have fun and just enjoy life, and that's certainly what Catherine does." (Sniff. It's so true!) They also travel to the amazing Lake Louise ice castle, and Cat opens up about the tragedy of her friend dying when they were 12. The whole date is a mix of serious, silly, sweet, and… snow. Lots of it.

The date made a huge impression on Sean. After the March 11 finale, the new couple talked to reporters in a conference call and Sean was asked for his favorite date of the season. “It has to be our date in Canada where we went on to the glacier and the giant snow bus,” Sean said at the time. “[T]hat was our very first one-on-one date. And that was just a special day. The two of us, we had so much fun during the day playing around, acting like big kids, and then, in the evening, having, you know, the romantic time inside the ice castle. That was — that was just a day that I'll never forget.”

Sometimes it just clicks, as Sean noted during the date, and it clicked with Catherine. If they ever renew their vows, they should do it in that ice castle.