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Glee 100th Episode Spoiler Photo: Kurt and Blaine’s Cute Scene — With Balloons!

We're thrilled that Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) are engaged on Glee. Still, we would like to get way more cute scenes of the couple during Season 5 than we have thus far. However, that looks like it's about to change in the show's 100th episode. And yes, a helium tank appears to be involved.

On January 28, photographer Carell Augustus posted an extremely adorable Klaine photo. In the pic, Blaine is resting his arm on Kurt's shoulder in a completely romantic-but-casual way. It's basically perfection.

Making the photo even more intriguing is the fact that the two are both holding helium-filled balloons. Does this mean that the characters will attend an event in Season 5, Episode 12: "100" that involves balloons like perhaps an engagement party?

"#glee #darrencriss #chriscolfer #balloons#blainandkurt #kurthummel #blainanderson," Carell captions the pic.

Interestingly, the photo was quickly deleted, which suggests that the show may have felt that the pic was giving away a big spoiler. We're crossing our fingers that it's something wedding-related!

Indeed, we have a feeling we're going to want all the upbeat moments we can get in the episode, given that glee club is rumored to be disbanding, not to mention that there will be a tribute to Finn (Cory Monteith). Leave it to Klaine to find a way to cheer us all up!

Why do you think Kurt and Blaine have balloons?

Source: Carell on Instagram