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The Bachelor

How Much Does The Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Make?

If we could guess, we'd bet that Chris Harrison has the Most. Dramatic. Paycheck. Ever!

The host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette has been helping hot people hand out roses for 12 years, and has put 18 seasons of the former, nine of the latter, and a couple of Bachelor Pads behind him too. But while it might be the best job in America, it's still a job and he's gotta put food on his table (unlike on The Bachelor, his probably gets eaten, too).

To set the question to rest, TV Guide Magazine broke down how much reality TV show hosts are paid, and they are doing quite well in these troubled economic times...

In fact, they claimed our Rosemaster makes $60,000 per episode! However, given that was back in 2011, we wouldn't be surprised if time, ratings, and his overall handsomeness were taken into consideration to give that man a raise.

If you consider that each season of our beloved show features 10 standard episodes, plus the "Women Tell All" (Bachelor) or "Men Tell All" (Bachelorette) plus the "After the Final Rose" specials, that's 12 per season. Assuming he makes a similar salary to a couple years ago, it seems that Chris makes well over $600,000 per season! If that's right, the man is pulling in over a million dollars for Bachelor programming a year, plus whatever moolah he gets for hosting duties on shows like The View, Good Morning America, and the Miss America Pageant each year.

Does that sound like a lot for a guy who clinks glasses, drops off flowers, and tries to maintain some sense of sanity on the show? Yeah, but TV Guide also claimed that Tom Bergeron earns $150,000 per episode of Dancing With the Stars. Perpetual Emmy winner Jeff Probst is said to earn $200,000 per episode of Survivor, and Simon Cowell supposedly makes $75 million for The X Factor, including his fees as a producer.

Read the full story for more inflated salaries. We’re totally in the wrong industry!

Source: Reality TV Magazine