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Teen Mom 2

Taylor Halbur Says Baby Paislee Is the “Spitting Image” of Adam Lind — Do You Agree?

Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind is one talented dude, but the thing he really excels at (aside from tattooing every inch of his body with questionable doodles)? That would be getting ladies pregnant. Adam and his new baby mama, Taylor Halbur, made headlines when they welcomed their adorable daughter, Paislee Mae, into the world back in September, and this cutie has been lighting up our Twitter feed ever since.

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There's no doubt that Paislee is a sweet kid (Adam's genes = flawless), and the time has come to answer the age-old question: Does this wee baby look more like mom or dad? Taylor seems to think that Paislee is a dead ringer for her pops, and took it to Instagram to post a photo of her kiddo along with the caption, "Spittin image of daddy."

We're not so sure, Taylor. Yeah, Paislee has Adam's pretty eyes and pouty lips, but where is her chintee/chin-strap/chin-related facial hair in general? Maybe we'd see the resemblance if there was some kind of beard-like growth on her face, but for now we're going to go out on a limb and say that this sweet little girl looks more like her mom than her infamous dad.

Who do you think Paislee most closely resembles? Is this miniature reality star a tinier version of Taylor, or do you think she looks just like Adam? Hit the comments and muse, y'all!

Source: Instagram