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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Carlton Gebbia Blames “Ignorant Dimwits Like Joyce” For the Salem Witch Trials — Wait, What?

Things got tense on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Joyce Giraud worried that Carlton Gebbia had cast a spell on her family. Now, Carlton has some harsh words for Joyce.

It appeared that Carlton may have placed a curse on Joyce during the episode at Yolanda's painting party. Then, when Joyce's husband, Michael, suddenly fell ill shortly thereafter, Joyce worried that Carlton's curse really was to blame.

After the episode, some of Joyce's Twitter followers were surprised that Joyce would believe that the illness was caused by Carlton's curse.

"I believe my God protects me ❤️," Joyce clarifies on Twitter on Janaury 27. "I never believed [in the curse]! I confronted [Carlton] and asked if I needed to worry about my children around her."

However, Carlton didn't appreciate what Joyce's tweets. "Ignorant Dimwits like you, Joyce, are the reason there was the Salem Witch Trails," Carlton tweets. "Get an education before you condemn my faith!"

Wow! These two are really going at it. We're anxious to see next week's episode, when Joyce confronts Carlton about the threat of future spells.

Do you think Carlton is right to compare Joyce to the people who caused the Salem Witch Trials?

Source: Joyce on Twitter, Carlton on Twitter