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Kerry Washington

This Is What Pregnant Kerry Washington’s Baby Could Look Like (PHOTO)

Scandal star Kerry Washington and her husband, former football player Nnamdi Asomugha, have been very private about their, well, private lives. (We guess they call it that for a reason!) We know the newlyweds have a baby on the way, but Kerry has been keeping mum about most of the pregnancy details.

While we're curious to know about all her weirdest cravings, we actually like that Kerry is so strict about keeping the details of her life to herself. She's quickly becoming one of TV's most recognizable stars, so she'll have to work hard to make sure her kid gets a normal childhood away from the spotlight. Good thing she's getting practice now! Practice makes perfect, after all, and given that she and her hubby have only been photographed together once since the wedding, we'd say she's getting pretty darned good at balancing her public life as one of Hollywood's hottest on the red carpet, and private life as a newly wed mamma-to-be.

That said, we can't help but think about what her kid might look like. After all, with parents who look like Kerry and Nnamdi, we're sure the baby is bound to be beautiful.

For fun, we've taken a pic of Kerry and a pic of Nnamdi and blended them together using to get a hint of what their baby might look like. Check it out!


Pretty cute, huh?