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Glee 100th Episode Spoiler Photos: Rachel, Quinn, and Blaine Go ’80s

Burn, baby, burn! Glee is proving that disco is definitely not dead, as the cast films a scene in which the characters have busted out their polyester and popped collars. Play that funky music, New Directions!

The show is currently filming Season 5, Episode 13: "New Directions," which is the second part of the two-part 100th episode special. And it appears that the episode will be taking a trip to the early '80s.

On January 30, several of the cast members posted photos from the show's shoot. Lea Michele (Rachel) posted a pic (above) of herself with Dianna Agron (Quinn) back in the halls of McKinley. "Early 80's glam at #Gleetoday with @DiannaAgron," Lea captions the pic.

Dianna adds about this photo, "Want to dress like this every day." Do it, Di! And by the way, we want to borrow the shoes that Dianna's wearing here when she's done with them.

Lea also added a solo snapshot on Twitter:

Dianna added a photo (below) of herself with Darren Criss (Blaine), Harry Shum Jr. (Mike), and Matthew Morrison (Schue) in the throwback duds. "This one is pretty good too. The boys, the boys...." she captions it. We wonder what kind of signal Schue is getting on that massive cell phone.

Credit: Twitter    

So what is going on in these pics? Well, Glee has been filming scenes today at Circus Disco nightclub in L.A., so maybe the characters are having a theme party. And based on the episode's rumored song list, there are several songs in the episode that will fit in with this time period, including Eddie Murphy's novelty hit "Party All the Time" and a new version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Or maybe this scene is taking place at Rinky Dinks roller rink, considering that April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) will be in the episode. Either way, the cast looks totally radical in these outfits!

How do you feel about the costumes? And why do you think they're dressed like this?

Sources: Lea on Twitter, Dianna on Twitter