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Teen Mom 2

How Did Chelsea Houska Find Out Adam Was Having Another Baby?

Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind welcomed his brand new baby daughter into the world back in September, and let's just say it turned Chelsea Houska's life upside down. Not only did Chelsea have to contend with the fact that she and Adam would never get back together, she had to deal with her daughter, Aubree, becoming a big sister!

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Adam's bombshell was shocking for Chelsea, but apparently she had a sneaky feeling that his girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, was pregnant. Chelsea sat down with MTV to chat about how she found out about Taylor's pregnancy, and you won't believe how Adam broke the news to her. Actually, you will. Through text message. Stay classy, buddy!

"I think we were texting or something, and he was like, 'Don't freak out.' And then I called him and I was like, 'Your girlfriend's pregnant isn't she?' and he's like, 'Yeah,'" Chelsea explained during MTV'sTeen Mom 2 after show. "I figured, because he's not smart when it comes to that stuff. I called it, I said it before that she was going to get pregnant. I knew it."

Adam clearly didn't pay attention during Seasons 1-4 of Teen Mom 2, or he'd know that unprotected sex leads to unplanned pregnancies. Luckily, this former deadbeat has transformed into an A+ dad toboth his kids, and it looks like he's a great role model for his new daughter Paislee! You know, aside from the multiple DUIs and jail time.

Are you surprised by how Chelsea found out about Taylor's pregnancy? Weigh in below.

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