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Glee 100th Episode: Which Hookup Are You Most Hoping For — Brittana Or Quick?

There are tons of reasons to anxiously look forward to Glee’s upcoming 100th episode. But for us, the most exciting reason is probably all of the potential hookups in the episode. Romance will definitely be in the air!

We've been hearing rumors that there will be a shocking scene involving exes Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera), along with a romantic song performed by another set of exes, Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Puck (Mark Salling). But which one is more intriguing? Here are the four hookups that we're most looking forward to! Bring on the walks of shame.

4. Tina and Mike

There's a chance that these exes might be reconnecting, now that Mike has been spending so much time at McKinley. And with Tina about to leave McKinley, we hope these two can patch things up!

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3. Quinn and Biff

The one person we know for sure whom Quinn will be getting romantic with is her new Yale boyfriend Biff, played by the always-adorable Chace Crawford. We don't know if this relationship will be built to last, but we are jealous that Quinn gets to make out with Chace, and we don't.

2. Quinn and Puck

It's tough for us to decide which of these final two couples we most want to get together. But there's no question that we've been waiting a long time to see Quinn back with her baby daddy, Puck. And now that Puck's getting his act together in the Air Force, we have sky-high hopes for these two.

1. Brittany and Santana

No offense to Quick, but we're just way too excited for a Brittana hookup to not make it number one. And while we've liked seeing Santana with Dani, we know deep down that Brit and Santana belong together. Bring on the sweet lady kisses!

Santana is better off with Dani.

Santana needs to get with Brittany!