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Celebrity Sports Fans Show off Their Teams’ Jerseys

Sports fans, you’re not alone in proudly wearing your team colors! A-list celebs have just as much spirit and aren’t afraid to show it. In honor of the Super Bowl this Sunday, check out the stars whose go-to game day attire is their favorite team’s jersey. There might even be a Super Bowl team included!

Celebrity football fans are just as excitable as the regular ones. True Blood's Joe Manganiello looks ecstatic in his Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, and Demi Lovato is eager to show off her Dallas Cowboys pridee. Fergie is, naturally, eager to show off her Miami Dolphins jersey ;— she's part-owner of the team!

Of course, it's not just football teams that these celebs are reppin'. Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith are basketball superfans, as evidenced by their Lakers gear. Taylor Swift keeps up with rugby, and connects with fans in New Zealand with an All-Blacks jersey. Michael Jackson's brood rep indie baseball. Miley Cyrus looks baller in a Chicago Bulls basketball bikini ;— hey, it used to be a jersey!

Click through for photos of celebs rockin' their team jerseys. Do you root for the same team?