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The Bachelor

5 Reasons Andi Dorfman Should Be the Next Bachelorette

The casting department for Juan Pablo Galavis's season of The Bachelor should be given a standing O, because some of these ladies are the best they've ever had. And while his season has come to a close, there's one lady who should definitely get herself a permanent Monday night slot on our DVR's (psych, we watch everything live): Andi Dorfman.

Since ABC recycles its rose-dolers from previous seasons, Andi is the obvious choice for the Season 10 Bachelorette. We think it's a pretty easy call, but just in case you're wondering why, we've made a quick list for you to get on #TeamAndi:

1. She's a Risk Taker

Remember when Juan Pablo asked his lady-friends to dress up as dogs and pose for a series of semi-erotic photos with him? Sinister times, and Andi was given the daunting task of appearing completely nude. This feisty broad was uncomfortable baring all on-camera, but she eventually conquered her fears and stripped down to her birthday suit. Sure, we were vaguely traumatized by her foray into nudism, but Andi's adventurous attitude makes her a great fit for The Bachelorette. After all, ABC's leading ladies are required to push boundaries!

2. She's Gorgeous

All of ABC's Bachelorettes have been beautiful, bodacious, and borderline cray-cray, but Andi is completely stunning. Chris Harrison and his unpaid interns (bless them) will have no problem finding this girl a group of potential husbands to compete for her heart she's literally breath-taking. In fact, Andi is so pretty that Chris himself might fall in love with her, if he's not too busy pruning his roses and designing jaunty menswear.

3. She's a Ball-Buster

In case you weren't aware, Andi is a criminal prosecutor. And not just any criminal prosecutor. This working girl puts gang members behind bars for a living, and we have a feeling she'll be amazing at figuring out which of her contestants are keeping secrets. If Andi is crowned ABC's next Bachelorette, we can expect a season full of crying men, halogen lights, interrogation rooms, and romantic one-on-one dates to local penitentiaries. It won't be unlike that time she laid Juan Pablo out on the Season 18 Overnight Dates, telling him that she was so not into him and nothing he did was "OK."

4. She's Laid Back

Andi and Juan Pablo had a lot of chemistry, and you may have noticed that said chemistry was completely natural... until it wasn't. Andi is totally easy to be around, has a super laid back vibe, and seems to be happy enough to go with the flow — all of which are important qualities when it comes to vetting a Bachelorette. Considering that ABC's next Queen Bee will be forced to make conversation with a crop of single-celled organisms (JK, we love you guys!), it's important that she's able to keep it casual.

5. She Genuinely Wants to Find Love

It's no secret that some Bachelor contestants come on the show for the wrong reasons. Take Lucy Aragon, who clearly chose to be on the show not to find love, but to wander around naked. However, Andi's feelings about love are 100 percent the real deal, and she wasn't willing to stick around once she realized that Juan Pabs' weren't. It's obvious that this bombshell truly wants to find the man of her dreams, and who better to help her do just that than Chris Harrison and the power players over at ABC?

Do you think Andi has what it takes to be the next Bachelorette? Head to the comments and dish your feels!