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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 14 Recap — Kyle Calls Carlton Anti-Semitic!

Things get extremely ugly between Kyle Richards and Carlton Gebbia in this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 14 recap. So practice your water dance, cleanse your necklaces, and start singing "The Dreidel Song."

The Gloves Come Off

The episode begins with Brandi Glanville posing for her book cover photo, with her new, pull-no-punches editor calling the shots. Brandi wanted to have rubber gloves and a rolling pin in the cover shot, but the editor isn't having it. And here we thought that no one could actually tell Brandi what to do.

Joyce Giraud isn't feeling too happy with Carlton Gebbia, as she's worried that Carlton may have cast a spell on Joyce's husband. So the two sit down to talk, and Carlton is upset that Joyce would suggest that she'd do something to someone's kids or family. However, Carlton agrees that she probably shouldn't have implied that she might cast a spell on Joyce. Uh, ya think?

Parties on This Show Give Us Butterflies

It's time for two Real Daughters to head to college, as Yolanda Foster's daughter Gigi and Kim Richards's daughter Kimberly are both leaving home for higher education. For Yolanda, that means posting photos everywhere of Gigi's face. And for Kim, that means getting matching butterfly tattoos with Kimberly. Both choices sound sweet to us kinda.

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It's Lisa Vanderpump's husband Ken's birthday, and so Lisa is throwing a formal joint birthday party for Ken and Kyle's husband, Mauricio. So of course, that means we get to say hello to our old friend, party planner Kevin Lee! Shi-shi-shi, darlings. We also get to see Kevin in a teensy bathing suit with Jax Taylor after the water dancer idea does quite pan out. Yowza.

The party starts off with tension, as Lisa wants Brandi to congratulate Scheana Marie on her engagement. Then, things get ugly, when Carlton doesn't like Kyle referring to her as "her," and Carlton says she insulted her bathroom. Kyle brings up the "three-quarters of a nipple" joke about Lisa, which Carlton hadn't appreciated when she first met Kyle. Kyle tries to explain that this joke was originated by Lisa, but Carlton isn't buying it.

Here Comes the Name-Calling

Things get worse when Kyle says that Carlton lied to her by saying she was grateful for the necklace that Kyle gave her, as Carlton now says she immediately put the necklace in water to cleanse it. Then, after a slew of harsh words from both ladies, Kyle says that Carlton "acts like a witch." And then Kyle calls Carlton "anti-Semitic" for getting upset when Kyle thought Carlton had a Star of David tattoo. Oh, boy.

Carlton is not pleased by this accusation, and so she and David leave the party. Lisa chases after them and admits that Kyle went too far by calling her anti-Semitic. Then, Brandi tells Kyle that Carlton was looking to create drama out of nothing. Uh, Brandi is taking Kyle's side? Now we're really shocked!

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Our Overall Thoughts

RHoBH has been a bit tame of late, but this week's episode undeniably brought the drama! Frankly, Kyle should know at this point that bringing up a previous argument in a group setting never ends well, which is why we can't understand why Kyle would bring up the discussion about Lisa's nipple with Carlton. And here we had high hopes for Kyle and Carlton after the necklace gift.

We get why Kyle is hurt by Carlton's comments after Kyle misidentified her tattoo. And while we do think Carlton has been quick to judge Kyle, we also think Kyle is out of line in calling her anti-Semitic. That wasn't necessary. That said, Carlton often doesn't seem like a very nice person to be around. And we like that Brandi is willing to take Kyle's side, which shows they're making progress. At least someone on this show is.

Next week's episode should be interesting, as we see the fallout from this crazy party. If anyone needs us, we'll be dancing in the pool.