Credit: Patrick Demarchelier/Courtesy of Glamour    
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Gives Dating Advice: “If It’s a Game, You Need to Win” (PHOTOS)

Gracing the cover of Glamour magazine’s 75th anniversary issue is none other than Taylor Swift. The 24-year-old international superstar is no stranger to covering major magazines, nor, it would seem, is she new at giving dating advice.

“I heard you were giving out dating advice on the Glamour shoot. To the hair and makeup team?” asks Glamour reporter Cindi Leive.

“Oh my God. I talk about this stuff all the time,” T.Swift replies.

Although she’s kept her love life on the DL as of late, the songstress is well-known for making hit-making lemonade out of sour heartbreak lemons. So are we surprised she’s got plenty of strategies when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex? Yeah, not so much.

“Here’s something our readers ask about constantly: When you feel like a guy you’re dating has the upper hand, how do you change the game?” asks Cindi.

Taylor’s simple response: “Freeze-out.”

Credit: Patrick Demarchelier/Courtesy of Glamour    

To employ the Swift Freeze-Out, TayTay says don’t respond to any correspondence from the man in question “until he does something desperate” like showing up at your place or calling and leaving a voicemail (so desperate). What you’re going for, says Taylor, is “something that makes it very clear to you that he’s interested.”

Taylor’s employed the technique herself though fails to name names. “I think everyone should approach relationships from the perspective of playing it straight and giving someone the benefit of the doubt...until he establishes that this is a game. And if it’s a game, you need to win.”

And sometimes, she adds, winning means walking away. “Is that winning?” Cindi asks the question every lovestruck reader is wondering. “It is when they come back,” Tay says with a laugh. “And if they don’t, then they didn’t care enough to begin with.”

T. Swift: One. Men: Zip.

Source: Glamour

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