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Gwen Stefani Criticized For Calling Her 1983 Self “Chunky” on Twitter (PHOTO)

Credit: Gwen Stefani on Twitter    

What Gwen Stefani probably imagined would be an innocuous throwback pic on Twitter backfired in a storm of body image-related criticism.

The No Doubt singer posted a photo of herself from 1983, in which the then-teenager is holding up a copy of The Police's fifth (and final) album Synchronicity for Sting to autograph. Sting, then in his early 30s, obliges as he straddles a motorcycle.

But the controversy lies in Gwen's Twitter caption: "Chunky me in 1983, getting @officialsing autograph backstage."

True, Gwen looks heavier — but, you know, she also looks average. And now fans are firing back on Twitter.

"Please don't call yourself chunky. Too many girls and women look up to you for you to talk like that," tweets one user.

"That's chunky? I hope no one bigger [than] a size — what, 6? 8? — is reading this," says another.

We see two sides to this. Yes, Gwen is reinforcing our culture's obsession with thin or too-thin women, regardless of her intention.

On the other hand, she's not necessarily using "chunky" as a pejorative —she might just be making an observation. We wonder if there'd be the same level of outcry had Gwen used more neutral language, like "heavier me" instead of "chunky me."

What do you think? Did Gwen screw up? Or is she getting unfair flak? Let us know below!

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