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The Bachelor

Don’t Assume Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Had Sex With Clare Crawley — Alli Restko

If you blinked, you may have missed seeing Christy Hansen and Alli Restko on Juan Pablo Galavis’s The Bachelor Season 18.

Christy left on Episode 3 and Alli made it to Vietnam’s Episode 5, but neither Chicago lass got a lot of screen time. They did, however, get some good radio time with Chicago's 103.5 KISS FM on February 5, and Alli weighed in on the Clare Crawley + JPG + Ocean = Sex? issue.

Alli and Christy said by about the first week there were girls in the house who thought they were falling for Juan Pablo. "You could definitely see who he liked and who liked him,” Alli said. “That's why you'll see Christy and I never on the show.”

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Since Alli was around last week for the big Episode 5 drama, the male radio host asked about Juan Pablo and Clare getting it on in the ocean. Alli jumped in, asking, "How do you know they got it on? I saw two people hugging in the ocean."

True. The editing left the door open for assumptions, but that’s what they do. Drama sells. The radio guy said, based on Clare's reaction, and how Juan Pablo “ho-shamed her bad," he figured they went all the way. Alli said, "Something might’ve happened but people definitely just jumped to that conclusion." She doesn’t think Clare actually had sex with JPG. (In a promo for next week’s episode, Clare even asks Juan Pablo if they really did anything “inappropriate.”)

However, Alli did say she doesn't like Juan Pablo's kissing double standard, and how he seems to use his daughter Camila as almost a “scapegoat” for everything. "In my opinion, I don't like that he keeps being like a hypocrite [saying], like, 'I'm not going to kiss tonight’ and then he makes out with girls. Or ‘I'm going to be a good example for my daughter' and then, you know ... I think, like, Christy and I were two of the only ones who didn't kiss him." Christy said, if you watch the show, you'd never know they even talked to Juan Pablo.

Listen to their full interview for more. Hopefully next week’s episode will clear the air about what happened (and didn’t happen) and put it all … to bed, so to speak.

Source: Chicago's 103.5 KISS FM

I think they did go all the way

I don't think they really went all the way