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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey February 9 Spoiler: News of Edith’s Lover, Michael Gregson!

Give Downton Abbey’s Michael Gregson (Charles Edwards) a red floppy hat and he could guest star in a brand new game, “Where in the World is Michael Gregson?”

We find ourselves asking that question all the time during Downton Season 4 as neither hide nor hair of the newspaper editor has been seen since the January 19 episode. We wouldn’t be nearly so concerned if it wasn’t for a certain, um, parting gift he left his lover, Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael).

As you may remember, the last time we saw Michael was when he was snogging Edith in his apartment. It was his final night in England before heading to Germany, where he would begin the laborious process of filing for a divorce from his mentally insane wife. The end goal, he said, was to free himself so he and Edith could wed.

Credit: © Copyright ITV plc 2013    

Nice plan except for the fact that Michael is missing and no one knows where he is! Edith has been wringing her hands in worry for the last several episodes and her fretting has reached a whole new level now that she’s discovered she’s expecting.

In light of that news, Edith needs to head to London (the reasons why become clear during the February 9 episode). While announcing her upcoming trip, Edith’s mother asks after Michael.

“Is there news of Mr. Gregson?” Cora asks.

“Well, they’ve pieced together a little more,” says Edith, taking a seat. “He arrived in Munich and signed into his hotel, and then that evening he went out and never came back.”

Cora tries to comfort her clearly distraught daughter but she’s only working with part of the story; Edith is keeping both the reason for Michael’s trip and her own condition a secret. Will the truth ever come to light? We can tell you but, be warned, spoilers ahead!

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