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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 19 Spoilers: 10 Hints About “Shadow Play”

The FIlm Noir episode of Pretty Little Liars, Season 4, Episode 19 (“Shadow Play”), is one of the most highly anticipated events of the season, and having seen the episode, we here at Wetpaint Entertainment can tell you it does not disappoint. We're happy to say the classic film inspired journey into Spencer's imagination more than lives up to expectations.

The episode is a ton of fun — it's clear the cast and crew had a blast making it — and it also really delved into the characters and mysteries in a whole new way. We could practically watch a whole season of noir-verse PLL.

While we're sworn to secrecy about the big plot points, we can give you a few hints about what goes down when Pretty Little Liars turns black and white.

So, without further ado, Here are 10 hints about the episode:

  1. 1.Yes, most of it takes place in Spencer's mind, but that doesn't mean the plot doesn't move forward.
  2. 2. A certain, very important item comes back into play.
  3. 3. What do we really know about Shana?
  4. 4. "Those pills, they're not going to help you figure this out. You've already got most of the pieces."
  5. 5. Paily fans are gonna love this one. A lot.
  6. 6. One of the Liars is designated the "man hater" — and, no, it's not Emily.
  7. 7. Ali and Ezra both have a lot to do, and it is fantastic.
  8. 8. What's Spencer's big secret? It certainly gets teased this week.
  9. 9. Hanna continues her highly competent and awesome streak.
  10. 10. "Secrets aren't just secret. They're weapons."

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    Rebecca Martin is an Associate Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment and our resident Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, and genre TV expert. Follow her on Twitter and Google+!