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The Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Alum Defends Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson for Underweight Criticism

The Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson has been facing serious criticism for her extreme weight loss, but at least one fellow reality star has her back.

Rachel dropped 155 pounds, which was 59.6 percent of her body weight, leaving the 5’4” voice-over artist at 105 pounds. Many Biggest Loser viewers expressed concern, writing post-finale comments like, "Rachel took it to the extreme she looked sick. Hope she gets back to a healthier weight," and "She looked anorexic. Glad she got her life back, but looked too thin.


But Bachelor Pad Season 1 co-winner Natalie Getz does not agree. On February 6, she issued a series of tweets defending Rachel. “"#biggestloser winner looks great! What's wrong w/ people?! She is thin, toned, athletic looking. Her prior look was a lot more unhealthy.” She continued, “People r so quick to ridicule someone 5 lbs under weight, but nvr anyone creating a public uproar over one who is 150 over weight. [...] Instead, they say that overweight person is ‘embracing their curves.’ Being that over weight is unhealthy. Far more than 5 lbs under weight.”

Some tweeters agreed that Rachel looks great, while others took issue with the idea that she’s only 5 lbs. underweight or that people who are overweight never face a similar public uproar.

Natalie weighed in after her words launched a mini debate in the replies. "What planet do you live on people constantly create public uproars over people who are obese,” one commenter wrote. “Ever heard of Jessica Simpson? How about Kristie Alley?" A tweeter responded to this by saying "celebrities are criticized for anything,” adding that Natalie was talking about societal acceptance. The original commenter responded, "No matter what a woman's weight is scrutinized it's not about skinny or obese it's all about judging women." Natalie saw the convo and wrote, "I agree with you both. It's really sad!"

Yeah, there’s really no winning the great weight debate. Too thin. Too fat. It’s hard to find a happy medium where no one will jump in to judge!

Where do you stand on the issue of underweight vs. overweight vs. just right? Share your thoughts below!

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