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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Star Erica Mena Dishes on Dumping Rich Dollaz and Moving in With Cyn Santana — Exclusive

Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena made a pretty messy situation for herself when she became torn between her ex-boyfriend/manager Rich Dollaz and her new girlfriend, Cyn Santana. While Erica’s story is still unfolding on the Love & Hip Hop Season 4 reunion special, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the reality star, who told us that she is completely done with Rich and she’s ready to take the next step with Cyn.

“Me and Rich haven’t spoken [since the reunion]. I’ve definitely cut off ties,” she revealed. “I came to [the] point where I started to realized even when there were good things going on in my life, I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it and really have my time. With him it was always something, it was always some type of drama.”

So when it comes to Rich, she says, “It’s definitely a ‘Rest in Peace’ to that whole concept, combo, idea, shenanigans, whatever the hell you call it.” Erica added that she thought Rich “definitely has a lot of growing up to do,” noting that “you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Parting ways with Rich also meant that she ended their management contract, which has proven to be a good career move for the model and singer. “Since I made the decision, a lot of great things have come my way, so everything happened for a reason and it’s definitely a blessing in disguise. It’s a decision I had to make.” And being her typical Erica self, she had to joke, “You know, right now he’s on Craigslist looking for models so I’m sure he has a lot on his plate.”

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Erica was happy to talk about her relationship with Cyn, which she says is “better than ever,” now that she’s trying to “make up for my mistakes and try to keep everything moving along.” As you can recall, Erica slipped up several times this season by smooching with Rich during a studio session and possibly even being intimate with him. Now that all of that is behind them, Erica says she and Cyn are more concerned with staying focused and being “on the same page.”

Erica believes that her relationship with Cyn is “for the long run.” In fact, they’re ready to take the next big step as a couple: They’ll soon be living together full-time!

She tells us, “We’re in the process of signing papers, and moving in, so we’re in the process of taking the next step.” And that’s not all these two are doing. Erica tells us that she and Cyn are expanding their product line, Her, to include sexy dresses. Erica is also working on an EP with big-time producers. In addition, both ladies will be returning to Love & Hip Hop Season 5 — and Erica’s son, King, may even make an appearance!

Do you think Erica Mena and Cyn Santana are in it for the long haul? Sound off in the comments below!