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Britney Spears

Britney Spears Now Has Dark Brown Hair — Better Brunette or Blonde? (PHOTO)

There's just something about February that sends Britney Spears to the dark side.

Last year, Brit showed off brunette locks at a February 24 Oscar party. That change came shortly after her breakup with fiance Jason Trawick, but she later went back to blonde. Now she's apparently back to Team Brunette, sharing this pic (below left) on February 8: "Spice up Valentine’s Day by getting ‘Naughty & Nice’ ((pun intended)) ;)"

Credit: Twitter    

Our girl certainly knows from naughty and nice! She has a new(ish) boyfriend now, David Lucado, and she literally kept him on a leash at her Las Vegas show on New Year's Eve.

She was blonde at that point, but her hair is like the weather — wait a few minutes and it will change. She's had every shade available, from platinum and dirty blonde to light and dark brown, and of course when she shaved her head.

This is darker than she's been in a while, but it could be a temporary thing. Most fans seemed to approve of the new look, with a few tweeting versions of "it really suits you."

What do you think? She's beautiful no matter what she does with her hair, but what's your favorite Britney look so far — long blonde, long brunette, a short version of either?

Source: Twitter