Credit: Kandi Burruss on Instagram    
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Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss Plays With the Kids at Godson’s Birthday — Is She Ready for a New Baby? (PHOTOS)

Kandi Burruss had an exhausting weekend in the ATL! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star went to a super cool birthday party to celebrate her godson's seventh birthday, and it turned out to be a lot more fun than she expected.

Credit: Kandi Burruss on Instagram    

Kandi took to Instagram to share a few photos from the day. First, she posted a picture of herself with her daughter, Riley, and the young man of the hour, Cayden.

"Happy birthday to my little Godson Cayden! @rileyburruss & I love this little guy," Kandi wrote next to the cute shot.

Seriously, you guys, this kid is so adorable! And, he's pretty tall, too, for the ripe old age of 7. He's practically coming up to Kandi's shoulder! But maybe Kandi is crouching down a bit, as Riley seems to have a good six inches on her mama. We know that Riley surpassed her mother in height recently, but not by that much!

Next, Kandi shared a few photos of herself playing in some foam blocks — or, we should say, desperately trying to climb out of some foam blocks.

"I feel like I'm drowning #SkyZone! My Godson Cayden's 7th bday party," Kandi wrote next to the hilarious pictures. For reals, Kandi looks a little bit scared as she reaches up for a helping hand — as if she's sinking into quicksand!

We love seeing Kandi getting in on the kid fun. Is it just us or is she totally ready to have another baby? Can't you just see her and Todd doing this sort of thing with their own toddler?

Do you think Kandi and Todd should have kids? Sound off below!