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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 15 Recap — Brandi Questions Her Friendship With Lisa!

Brandi Glanville slams Lisa Vanderpump to Kyle Richards in tonight's shocking Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 15 recap. So smell your bread, uninvite one person from your party, and say hi to Will Smith's ex-wife for us.

First, You're Invited Now, Not So Much

The episode begins with Kyle shooting hoops with Mauricio, and let's just say that Kyle is no LeBron. Kyle and Mauricio are letting daughter Alexia go on a weekend getaway with her pals, although they're crossing their fingers that no shenanigans or partying goes on.

Speaking of shenanigans at a party, the fallout from Kyle and Carlton's epic spat at Lisa's house last week continues. Carlton has uninvited Kyle from the upcoming party for David's business but Carlton has hilariously made it clear that Mauricio is still invited. Does Carlton really think Mauricio is going to go off and have a blast at Kyle's enemy's party?

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Carlton and Lisa Work Things Out

Yolanda has a lot going on these days. She meets with ex-husband Mohamed and his fiance Shiva — who is not the woman we saw Mohamed with last season, FYI. But Mohamed and Shiva seem good together, as Shiva offers to help plan the going-away party for Gigi. And no, we don't think you can eat bread calorie-free through your nose, Yolanda. (Sadly.)

Yolanda is also studying up for her citizenship test, as David helps quiz her all about Thomas Jefferson. Ah, good ol' TJ. And it's great to see Yolanda pass the test! Meanwhile, Joyce is not a big fan of exercising but does some laps around the pool with her friend. Wait, so Joyce has her amazing body and doesn't need to work out? Some things just aren't fair.

It's time for Carlton's swanky business party with husband David, which Brandi attends, despite her swollen tongue. Carlton and Lisa discuss Carlton's fight with Kyle, as Lisa says Carlton overreacted about Kyle's tattoo comment. Carlton sheds tears while telling Lisa that Kyle's "anti-Semitic" remark was very hurtful and could damage her family's business. Ultimately, it's nice to see Lisa and Carlton bond.

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Brandi Declares Her Independence From Lisa

Meanwhile, there's some bonding going on when Kyle and Brandi go for a hike. (So much running in this episode!) Brandi tells Kyle that she's wondering if Lisa really was using her to do her dirty work. Kyle agrees that Lisa knew Brandi would share any secrets that Lisa told her. Plus, Brandi points out that any phone call Lisa made to Brandi was for a strategic reason and calls Lisa "worse than Bobby Fischer." Gulp.

Brandi goes on to say that she's worried about what life will be like when she's no longer friendly with Lisa, since Brandi feels that Lisa can destroy her enemies. At the same time, we see Stassi Schroeder helping Lisa to prepare for a glamorous photo shoot. Stassi wants to borrow Lisa's clothes, and we can't say we blame her.

Our Overall Thoughts

It's been fascinating to see the dissolution of Brandi and Lisa's friendship this season. We kept expecting there to be some kind of big blowout fight between them, but that hasn't been the case yet. Instead, Brandi seems to continually be bothered by little things that she feels Lisa has done. It's sad to see, although it is nice that Kyle is able to provide support for Brandi.

All in all, we can't imagine Lisa will have good things to say about Brandi and Kyle's chat. And it will be interesting to see if Lisa and Carlton continue to get close, and whether Kyle and Carlton can ever be in the same room as one another again. For the latter situation, we're guessing not.

Now, it looks like Lisa and Brandi have even more tension next week. If anyone needs us, we'll be running around the pool.