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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Should Sharleen Joynt Have Eliminated Herself in New Zealand?

Sharleen Joynt has more flip-flops than a Pac-Sun store, you guys. The beautiful opera singer has had Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’s attention from the very beginning, nabbing the First Impression Rose, but she just can’t decide how she feels about him. After six weeks of wishy-washiness, we have to wonder... girl, why are you still here?

We get that some people are a little less in tune with their feelings than others, but after weeks of fence-sitting about Juan Pablo, while he sends girl after girl on a one-way flight home, shouldn’t she have figured it out by now? At the end of the February 10 episode, she promised to send herself home next week if she’s still not feeling it.

Meanwhile, two great girls who felt certain they wanted to be with the former soccer player were just sent home in tears on 18-hour flights. We want to believe Sharleen genuinely feels conflicted over Juan Pablo (and not the chance to travel to the next location), but we’re having more trouble being on her side with every episode.

So what do you think — should Sharleen have eliminated herself in New Zealand (or even earlier), or do you think she’s just taking the time she needs to decide if they’re a match?

I think she needs to give it a week, like she said.

Yes. She's clearly just not that into him.