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American Idol

Watch Maurice Townsend Sing “Wrecking Ball” n American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week Finals — February 12, 2014

We’ve reached the final round of American Idol Hollywood Week, and let’s just say the process has been a doozy! Grueling rehearsals, clashing personalities, and mounting illnesses have all taken their toll on the contestants — not to mention the possibility of their dreams coming crashing down around them.

That said, some of the hopefuls seem more than ready to compete for the Top 30, including 26-year-old Maurice Townsend. We first met the father of four back in Detroit auditions, where he wowed the judges with his soulful rendition of John Legend’s “So High.” Since then, the music minister has continued to show off his considerable talents both in solo performances and in groups.

When Maurice takes the stage for his final performance in Hollywood, he makes a bold move by singing Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.” Luckily, he plays it smart by switching up the melody, displaying who he truly is as an artist. After taking the long and nerve-racking ride on the elevator, Maurice sits in front of the judges to learn his fate.

“You need to have something in your voice that comes out and makes a connection,” says Keith. “You’re a good singer, but we need other things as well. But we’d like to see you in the Top 30.”

And with that, Maurice has made it through to the next round!

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