Love & Hip Hop:  8 WTF Moments From Season 4, Reunion Special Part  2
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Love & Hip Hop: 8 WTF Moments From Season 4, Reunion Special Part 2

The conclusion of Love & Hip Hop Season 4 came to a head last night during Part 2 of the reunion special. With host Mo’Nique at the helm, Peter Gunz tried to explain his affections for Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace, but ultimately got a bomb dropped on him. Saigon and Erica Jean had a battle of words over their tumultuous relationship, Erica Mena finally told the world how she feels about Rich Dollaz, and former best friends Tahiry and Rashidah Ali didn’t solve a damn thing.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Amina says she’s become Tara. Picking up where we left off, host Mo’Nique asks Amina whether or not she believes that she will become Tara in the next 10 - 13 years. Sadly, Amina replies that she has already become Tara, since her husband has been lying and cheating on her since they’ve been married. She goes on to say that she can’t take it, and thought that things would be different seeing as how he married her and risked everything he had at home to be with her.

2. Peter says he shouldn’t have married Amina. While explaining how he came to be with Amina, Peter admits to several things, including acknowledging that he and Tara were in a “dark” place, and that he indeed needed an outlet from what was going on at home. Peter also admits that even though he fell in love with Amina while working on her music, had he known that Tara still loved him and wanted to make things work, he wouldn’t have married Amina. He declares that he’s still in love with both women, but adds that he thinks he needs some time to figure himself out before he can deserve either one of them.

3. Amina tells Peter that she’s pregnant and Peter leaves. Known for pulling secrets out of her bra, Amina pulls out a pregnancy test and tells Peter “unlike your babies’ mother I didn’t take the Plan B. I’m pregnant.” Peter, noticeably shaken by the news, walks off stage and leaves a crying Amina and shocked Tara on stage. After the break, Amina is asked whether she wants to stay with Peter, considering his less-than-thrilled reaction to news of a baby on the way. Amina tells the audience that she doesn’t think she can stay with him and in a surprising turn, Tara says that she feels sorry for Amina since the man that she loves won’t share in her joy and sit next to her after hearing such news.

4. Peter returns and only wants to talk to Tara. When Peter finally does make his way back to the stage, he requests that Amina be removed from the set, as he wants to talk to Tara and Tara only. A distraught Amina yells from behind-the scenes as Peter (who is now donning shades to hide the fact that he’s crying) apologizes to Tara for the humiliation he’s caused her during the course the show — including Amina’s unexpected pregnancy reveal. After Peter leaves the stage, Tara says that she feels sorry for him, as he hasn’t learned from his mistakes and has now created another household with Amina that he’s running away from.

5. Tahiry and Rashidah blow out on stage. Former friends Rashidah and Tahiry take the stage to come to terms with their blowout this season, but all doesn’t end well. Mo’Nique asks Tahiry why she blew up at Rashidah for having what seemed to be a conversation friend-to-friend, and Tahiry explains that she couldn’t stand Rashidah judging what she does for a living. Tahiry goes on to say that she’s “proud” of her urban modeling, and that she once again believes Rah is just overweight and jealous. Rah counters Tahiry’s insults by saying Tahiry’s insecure and feels the only way she can get attention and/or love is by showing off photos of herself in a thong on Instagram. When the two ladies become overly heated, (not) surprisingly Tahiry’s ex, Joe Budden, jumps in to tell Rashidah that she will not lay a finger on Tahiry. This, then, causes a back and forth between Joe and Rashidah, which ultimately has security on the ready.

6. Erica Jean wants respect from Saigon. The messiness only continues when Saigon and his baby mama Erica Jean take the stage. We learn that not only are these two no longer living together, but that things have gone completely south between them. While Erica Jean blames the downfall of her relationship on Saigon’s lack of respect for her being the mother of his son, Saigon says that Erica is a “fraud,” lying on stage and using his child as a pawn to get what she wants. Though Saigon does take responsibility for the way he speaks to Erica (which includes tons of cursing, and calling her out her name), he rationalizes it by saying that’s all Erica knows, and what she responds to.

Backstage, the argument between Saigon and Erica Jean rages on, as Erica calls Saigon out for being extremely disrespectful to her. Saigon retaliates by telling Erica that she’s just as disrespectful, but is just faking for the cameras. Finally Saigon leaves the building telling Erica “God Bless.”

7. Erica resolves her feelings for Rich and Cyn Santana. After Yandy Smith takes the couch to talk about Rich’s questionable business practices (you know, dating his talent Erica, and being involved in the personal life of potential artist Amina and Peter), Erica and Cyn join Rich on stage to talk about Erica’s future working with him. Erica confesses that she and Rich make a ton of money doing business together, but it’s everything else that is “confusing.” Cyn tells Mo’ that if working with Rich will help Erica to get where she wants to be in her music career, then she’s completely supportive, but she will not be cheated on or used as a doormat.

Mo’Nique then asked Erica if she is still in love with Rich and even Cyn screams “yes!” However, after much thought, Erica says that she's not in love with Rich. She goes on to say that she acknowledges that she pursued Cyn when she was still transitioning out of her relationship with Rich, but now she’s got no more love for him.

8. Amina’s no longer a secret. Closing out the reunion, Amina confides with the audience that she had learned of her pregnancy two days before the show’s taping back in mid-December. Though she wanted to share the news with her husband that night, she chose not to, explaining that Peter would’ve probably told her to keep it a secret. Now, Amina asserts, she is no longer a secret.

Were there any other OMG moments from the Love & Hip Hop Season 4 reunion special Part 2? Tell us your favorite moments from the reunion and this season in the comments below!