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Farrah Abraham

Couples Therapy Host Dr. Jenn Berman Says She Knew About Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Sequel

There are only a few more days left before our innocence is destroyed by the arrival of Farrah Abraham's sex tape sequel, Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. This Valentine's Day gift from Vivid Entertainment is poised to ruin our appetite for weeks to come, but this time Farrah isn't at fault. The follow-up flick isn't a true sequel, but rather features leftover footage from her original rendez-do with James Deen, which Vivid owns the rights to.

Poor Farrah is having a hard enough time coming to terms with her original sex tape, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, and we can't believe she'll be dealing with even more judgment thanks to the sequel. Bless her heart!

The good news is that Farrah's being treated by the one and only Dr. Jenn Berman of Couples Therapy, who has her back in the wake of this recent sex scandal.

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"People have asked me my thoughts about Farrah’s new sex tapes," Dr. Jenn posted to Facebook. "Farrah was totally honest and forthcoming in her therapy with me on Couples Therapy. I was completely aware of the other footage that she shot prior to our work together knew that it would be potentially be getting released."

Dr. Jenn went on to say that she understands why people find it hard to see Farrah as a victim considering that she financially profited from her tape — to the tune of seven figures, no less!

"Multiple traumas, especially childhood physical abuse and sexual trauma are associated with higher risk for revictimization," she explained. "When we feel unworthy and lack self esteem, we are more likely to make choices that are degrading and demeaning."

Dr. Jenn added that "Farrah is working to move past these tapes," and is now on a "new healthier path."

Unfortunately, said healthier path includes the occasional strip club appearance and vaginal mold, but there's no denying that Farrah's matured and grown in the past few months. She seems much more self-assured and willing to take responsibility for her actions, and — dare we say it — we're proud of her!

What do you think about Dr. Jenn's kind words for Farrah? Sound off below!

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02.11.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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