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Teen Mom 3

Katie Yeager Defends Kailyn Lowry After Facing Criticism For Breastfeeding in Public

Can you believe that Kailyn Lowry gave birth almost three months ago? It seems like just yesterday that this Teen Mom 2 starlet was welcoming Lil' Lincoln into the world! It goes without saying that Kailyn's an amazing mom, and she's 100 percent committed to breastfeeding so that Linc has all the super-important nutrients and immune-boosters from her milk.

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This blonde bombshell has been very open about her breastfeeding journey, and recently hit up Instagram to post a photo of herself feeding Lincoln while getting her hair and makeup done on the set ofTeen Mom 2's reunion special.

The caption? "Nursing, hair & make up all at once." How very Gisele Bundchen of her!

Unfortunately, public breastfeeding is often met with side-eyes and looks of disapproval, and Kailyn's photo was met with a lot of judgmental criticism. This girl was told to cover up by many "fans," but luckily her MTV family came forward to dish their support — especially Teen Mom 3 Katie Yeager, who breastfed throughout her entire season!

"Nothing wrong with boobies!" Katie tweeted Kailyn. "Boobies feed babies!"

Amen to that! We love that these girls are standing up in support of breastfeeding moms, and showing the world that feeding a child in public is perfectly natural and normal. Way to go, ladies!

Are you shocked that Kailyn posted a photo of herself breastfeeding Lincoln? Weigh in below.

Source: Instagram