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Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Two Characters Try Out for The Amazing Race

There's no question that the characters on Glee are a competitive bunch. Still, we never would have guessed that two of them would by trying out for The Amazing Race. Look out, world!

Among the characters returning for Glee's upcoming 100th episode spectacular is Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow), who hasn't been on the show since leaving to teach French in Cleveland in Season 2.

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Holly was never pals with Sue (Jane Lynch), but it appears that the two are on better terms these days. And get this: They'll even be teaming up together to compete on the CBS reality show The Amazing Race.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy spilled the beans about their tryout when he was asked by Access Hollywood about the fact that Holly and Sue have been seen wearing tracksuits on the show's set.

"[They're wearing the tracksuits] because, on the show, Sue Sylveseter and Gwyneth's character try out for the Amazing Race," Ryan explains. "It's fun."

We smile just thinking about Sue and Holly racing across the globe. And we can only imagine the kind of bickering they'd do as they make their way from destination to destination. Pass the trail mix.

Do you think Holly and Sue will win The Amazing Race? Or would you rather see different characters compete in it?

Source: Access Hollywood