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American Idol

Watch Bria Anai Sing “It’s a Man’s World” in American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week Finals — February 12, 2014

We’ve reached the final round of American Idol Hollywood Week, and let’s just say the process has been a doozy! Grueling rehearsals, clashing personalities, and mounting illnesses have all taken their toll on the contestants — not to mention the possibility of their dreams coming crashing down around them.

That said, some of the hopefuls seem more than ready to compete for the Top 30, including 16-year-old Bria Anai. She’s a young girl with a major voice who decides to take on the classic “It’s a Man’s World” by James Brown.

Her rendition is undeniably powerful — after all, Keith and Jennifer were dancing in their chairs — but was it enough to convince them to send her through to the next round? Bria takes her seat in front of the judges in hopes of getting good news.

“What can I say about you, Bria? You did a great job yesterday,” says J.Lo. “This is a tough competition this year. But you know what’s crazy? You made it into the Top 15 girls. Maybe that’s not so crazy, because we love you!”

And with that, Bria has made it through to the next round!

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