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Teen Mom 2

Does Chelsea Houska Still Have Feelings For Adam Lind?

Chelsea Houska suffered through an acute case of The Jellies during this week's dramatic episode of Teen Mom 2. Why? Because her baby daddy, Adam Lind, came with her to pick up Aubree at preschool, and this little lady paid way more attention to her dad than to her mom. Chelsea sat down with MTV to explain why Aubree's response to Adam made her feel bad, and why she still wishes they could be one big, happy family.

"Whenever me and Adam show up somewhere, sometimes she'll go right by me and go to him, which makes me mad because I'm like 'Hello? Who takes care of you all the time, that's not fair,'" Chelsea explained during Teen Mom 2's Season 5 after show. "And then he feels all great like she likes him more than me, and I'm like 'No, she just never sees you.' I mean she's 4. When she gets older it'll be different, I think."

As annoyed as Chelsea is about Aubree's preferential treatment, she cherished the family moment that she and Adam shared with their bundle of joy.

"I remember being in that moment, when we were holding her hand and she was swinging, and just thinking that it was so cute … that's how it's supposed to be all the time," she said. "Those moments never happen, so I feel like Aubree had to have felt so good."

So, does this mean Chelsea wants to get back together with Adam? Not so much. "I don't like him anymore, so it's like dang. It doesn't feel the same," she explained.

Hopefully, Adam and Chelsea will continue to work on their co-parenting so Aubree can spend more time with both her parents. She definitely seemed thrilled to be hanging out with her two favorite people at the same time!

Source: MTV

02.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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