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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Dishes About Using Fake Names For Her Famous Hookups in Second Book

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville dishes plenty of dirt in her new book about her various romances from over the years, including numerous famous guys. But why does Brandi give pseudonyms to her celebrity exes?

Brandi who recently released her second book, Drinking & Dating tells E! Online that she wanted to use the real names in the new book of the famous guys she's dated, but her publisher forced her to change them to fake names like "Marty, the Movie Star" and "NBA Player."

"I put [their real names] in, trust me!" Brandi says. "I put them in, and my editor took them out." Eddie Cibrian is the only guy whose actual name is in the book.

So will Brandi ever tell us who the actual guys are? Not likely. "They had to [change the names] for legal reasons," Brandi continues. "So I can't say who they actually are... I really can't! I don't want to get in trouble. For once, I have to keep my big mouth shut."

However, Brandi has a feeling that the guys will easily figure out who they are in the book. "The guys who I've dated know exactly who they are," Brandi says. "That's why I'm going to try to keep the book from them as long as I can!" Best of luck with that.

Sure enough, Brandi tweets on February 11:

Who do you think "Marty, the Movie Star" and "NBA Player" are?

Sources: E! Online, Brandi on Twitter