Scheana Marie: “Drunk” Brandi Glanville Desperate to “Keep Herself Relevant”
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Brandi Glanville

Scheana Marie: “Drunk” Brandi Glanville Desperate to “Keep Herself Relevant”

Brandi Glanville’s never been one to shy away from drama, but her most recent target, Scheana Marie, is proving she can give as good as she gets.

Scheana, who dated Brandi’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, while he was still married to the Bravo star, may still be on Brandi’s long list of enemies thanks to her past behavior, but the Vanderpump Rules star denies she’s still going after Brandi’s men.

After Brandi claimed that Scheana hit on her date at a recent party, Scheana defended herself against the accusations, claiming that they were made by a thoroughly sauced-up Brandi, whose main goal in life is to surround herself with drama.

“Brandi was really drunk that night, so maybe she thought something happened that really didn’t. I had a two second encounter with her date,” Scheana tells “Trust me, if I was flirting with her date the entire night, the cameras would have caught it and Bravo would have aired it.”

Scheana says that, despite Brandi “yelling obscene things” at her, she doesn’t harbor anger, only pity, for the famously scorned woman.

“She just wants more attention for herself … It’s like she’s using me to create drama and keep herself relevant”

Do you think Scheana is right about Brandi using her for publicity?