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The Top 14 Teen Heartthrobs From the ’90s: Then and Now (PHOTOS)

We’re not ashamed to admit that back in the day we plastered over our ballerina wallpaper with pullouts from Tiger Beat. And being all grown up doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve grown out of some of our biggest crushes from yesteryear — heck, we even have a whole column devoted to them.

In some cases, our adoration has outlasted their fame. But some dudes have moved on from their TGIF ;pasts to do some really amazing things, and a few are even sitting in a director's chair once in a while. Now mostly in their 30s and 40s, many of them have started families — and a couple of them have kids the same age that we were when we bought our first Teen Beat. Oh, the great circle of life.

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow, February 14, so here are 14 dudes from the '90s that we wanted to be our valentines. What are they up to now? Some of them may surprise you! (Spoiler: Some won't.)