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Who Is Olympics Ice Dancer Charlie White Dating? — Secret Girlfriend Alert!

Charlie White and Meryl Davis have been keeping the internet buzzing with their super romantic ice dancing routines at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. They’re so internet famous that one fan even made a video that imagines one of their routines to Beyonce's "Drunk in Love." They've been skating together for 17 years and are totally in-sync — not to mention that chemistry! But off the ice, 26-year-old Charlie syncs up with his secret-but-not-really-secret girlfriend, former figure skater and current model Tanith Belbin.

Credit: Harry How/Getty Images; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images    

Tanith participated in Charlie's event, ice dancing — even winning a silver medal at the 2006 winter games in Torino, Italy along with her partner Ben Agosto. At the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, she nabbed a still-respectable 4th place.

In addition to being super talented, Tanith, now 29, was voted as 2010's hottest Olympic athlete by Men's Health. So why does Charlie hide his love away?

Yahoo asked Charlie why he's kept his relationship with Tanith under-wraps in the past, he answered that he still tries to keep it out of the spotlight — and his reasons make sense. "As an ice dancer, we take our on-ice relationships so seriously, and that's really the way we like to go about it," he says. "[Meryl and I] are just presenting ourselves as a team, and all the rest of that [with Tanith] can wait for later."

So how does he manage to keep that medal-winning fire burning on the ice with someone besides his boo? "We've been doing it for so long it just seems so natural," Charlie explains. "Meryl and I have been skating together for 16 years. We've known each other for our whole lives. It just feels really natural that that's how we sort of present ourselves to the world that cares about us as skaters."

That romantic feeling from their routines, he says, is just part of the gig. "That means we're doing our job out on the ice. Meryl and I are oftentimes trying to portray people who are in love. "

There you have it! Meryl and Charlie are just scorchingly good at their jobs… although we'd love to see Charlie and Tanith skate together. Would we get some chemistry on the same level as former couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder?!

Is Charlie's secret romance with Tanith super-sweet, or were you hoping he and Meryl had a real-life thing going? Let us know in the comments!