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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: THIS Girl Meets Juan Pablo’s Family in Miami on Episode 7!

Juan Pablo Galavis has a daughter. Did you know that? If you didn’t, you’ve clearly been doing something far less perfect than watching The Bachelor every Monday night and dreaming yourself into his lovely family. But while membership in the Galavis clan is as elusive a dream as finally getting the red wine stains out of our couch cushions, one girl gets one step closer to that chance on February 17’s Miami episode of Season 18.

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So, who’s that girl? Eve’s that girl Nikki Ferrell! Duh, right? The blonde beauty from Kansas City, Missouri has been turning Juan Pab’s head every time she walks near him, so it should hardly be a surprise that he’s all set to take her to meet his family — including his four-year-old daughter Camila (who turns five on Valentine’s Day, by the way)!

According to ABC, they have the sweetest date in the history of The Bachelor, first going to a local florist to grab some buds (not roses, we beg you), and then heading to Cam’s dance recital. WHOA! Talk about a big step, because at the recital, she is “stunned” and meets Juan Pablo’s parents, as well as his ex/baby mama Carla Rodriguez.

According to some intern at ABC, “the pressure really mounts as Juan Pablo introduces Camila to his ‘special friend’ Nikki. But will Nikki’s nerves sabotage the crucial meeting, and what does Camila think of Nikki?” AY AY AY, NIKKI! Considering Camila has never seen her dad kiss a girl, we’re betting there’s a heavy emphasis on the friend part of “special friend,” but it’s still a pretty huge deal!

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We’ve never seen anything quite like a Bachelor pulling out the kid card with a half dozen ladies remaining! He has declared from the beginning that he really likes Nikki, once telling Chris Harrison that he gave her a group date rose “because she’s Nikki,” like that was a really helpful explanation...

On Season 8 of The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard introduced eventual winner Jef Holm to her daughter Ricki, but that wasn’t until the finale! So, does this mean that Nikki is definitely going to win the show? Of course not, but it’s pretty interesting that he’s already introducing this one girl to his family while five others are still hanging around...

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