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The Bachelor

Bachelor Babe Renee Oteri Gets a Super Sweet Valentine — From Whom?

If Juan Pablo Galavis ends up not choosing Renee Oteri at the end of The Bachelor Season 18 — and we don’t know why he wouldn’t choose her, since she’s amazing — it’s safe to say that plenty of guys would jump at the chance to call Renee their valentine. But as it turns out, one guy will have already beaten the rest of the world to it.

We won’t know for sure until the finale airs on March 10 whether Juan Pablo offers his final rose to adorable single mom Renee, but she’s not spending Valentine’s Day alone this year. Indeed, Renee and her eight-year-old son, Benjamin, are having quite the memorable day.

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On February 14, Renee posted a photo of a red paper heart, upon which the little man has written, “I love you — Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom.” OMG TOO CUTE. In fact, if his valentine doesn’t cause you to immediately bawl your eyes out, you may want to visit an optometrist, as you appear to have tear-duct issues.

Seriously, we cannot stop smiling about this precious card that Benjamin made for his mom. The two clearly have a very special relationship, as Renee has mentioned on The Bachelor. Plus, we’re also impressed by Ben’s penmanship and scissor skills. Maybe he’s available to give us a few pointers?

Now, if we also find out that Benjamin bought his mom some chocolates, then he’s officially the greatest man on the face of the earth. Maybe he could give some Bachelors a little help?

Source: Renee on Twitter