Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 3, Episode 25, “Award Show Shade!”
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Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 3, Episode 25, “Award Show Shade!”

The sisterly love just didn’t seem to flow so freely on last night’s newest episode of Braxton Family Values, entitled “Award Show Shade!” Though Tamar Braxton’s success is reaching new heights, her relationship with her sisters — particularly Towanda Braxton — is plummeting to an all-time low.

1. Tamar breaks down on her way to the Soul Train Awards. Despite the fact that she’s up for several Soul Train Awards, Tamar invites her mother to lunch before the award show to unload on how she’s currently feeling about the state of affair with her sisters. Tamar then says that she wishes her success didn’t change the dynamics of her sisterhood. When Evelyn tries to console her daughter by saying that her accolades and acknowledgements are well-deserved, Tamar says that she’d give it all up in a heartbeat if it meant being close with her sisters again. She goes on to say that it’s tough enough for her to juggle being a mom, an artist, and wife, but it’s even tougher that her sisters (who she anticipated to have her back) aren’t around to help guide her through it all.

2. Trina Braxton gets back into the studio. When the producers of Trina’s album threaten to shut down progress on her album (as she’s been on the road with Tamar and working on her startup, BarChix), Trina makes her way back home to Atlanta to make moves for her EP. Once there, she’s given a track called “Good Day.” At first, Trina’s pretty hesitant about the song because she thinks it’s too “bubble gum” for her own standards, but after laying down the initial vocals, she warms up to the song choice.

3. Towanda says the sisters “don’t like each other.” Towanda, Trina, and Traci Braxton grace the Soul Train Awards red carpet with family member Ashley and have a moment with their former reunion show host, Wendy Williams. When Wendy ask how the girls are doing, Towanda says that they love each other, but “don’t like each other right now.” This upsets Trina, who thinks that it’s pretty rude to talk about family issues during a momentous occasion.

Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 3, Episode 25, “Award Show Shade!”
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4. The sisters “shade” Tamar’s acceptance speech. Tamar racks up two awards at the Soul Train Awards and the sisters decided to all hang together at her hotel afterwards. During their slumber party, Trina, Traci, and even Toni Braxton throw a couple jabs at Tamar’s “dramatic” acceptance speech. Obviously Tamar wasn’t too happy about her sisters making fun of her and called out Toni for being “the shadiest of them all.” But while Toni was a little “try-polar” that night for poking fun at Tamar and insinuating that Trina needs to lose at least 20 pounds, ultimately everyone agreed that Tamar could win top prize at the Shade Awards.

5. Toni proposes a Braxton gospel album. Toni and the sisters decide to fly back to L.A. to spend the day at Toni’s house and celebrate the news of Tamar’s three 2014 Grammy nominations. After the gals practice Tamar’s potential Grammy acceptance speech (which is mainly Tamar dancing on stage), Toni proposes the idea of finally going through with the gospel album they all had planned to do since Season 1. When Tamar hears this, she requests that Toni put it in writing that they all agree to do the album.

6. Tamar vs. Towanda: Round 3. Taking Toni and Traci’s advice, Towanda agrees to attend a lunch with Tamar, which Trina arranges for the two, to hash out their looming issues. When each girl opens up about why they’re upset with the other, things go south quickly when Tamar tells Towanda that she’s “too beat and unbothered” to deal with the nonsense. After Tamar takes a jab at Towanda not being “beat” enough, Towanda comes back swinging with a comment about Tamar’s weight. Trina tries to calm things down to no avail and begs Tamar not to leave. While Tay-Tay doesn’t instantly leave, after a few more insults are flung between the two, she decides she’s had enough and will not allow Towanda to put her in a bad headspace. Tamar storms out of the restaurant, leaving a perturbed Towanda and an exasperated Trina to declare “well, that went well don’t you think?”

The Braxton Family Values Season 3 finale airs Thursday, February 20 at 9 p.m. ET on WE TV.

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