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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 16 Recap — Carlton Refuses Kyle’s Gift!

In tonight's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 16 recap, things get mighty tense when Carlton Gebbia isn't thrilled with Kyle Richards's gift. So throw on your tennis shoes, light a few candles, and keep an eye on your computer.

No One Can Hold a Candle to These Ladies

The episode begins with Carlton and Yolanda checking out candles for a candle reading. Come to think of it, the ladies on this show are frequently "lit," but this isn't the meaning of the word we're referring to.

Meanwhile, Joyce and Kyle meet up, and Joyce says she's okay with Brandi joining the ladies in Puerto Rico. Gulp. And Kyle is worried that Carlton cast a spell to mess with her computer. Perhaps Carlton is Bill Gates's worst enemy.

Brandi and Kim go for a naked tanning session well, Kim doesn't quite go full-monty where they talk about their issues. Brandi admits to being intimidated by Lisa, especially since Lisa apparently got Cedric deported. Drama, darlings.

Credit: Courtesy of Bravo    

Who Sits Where?

Yolanda prepares for her going-away party for her daughter Gigi at Mohamed's house. We love that Yolanda is wearing sneakers — that's our kind of gal! — but Mohamed isn't quite as impressed. Gigi agrees that Yolanda looks like a "basketball wife," whatever that means.

It's time for the party, although Joyce Giraud isn't able to make it. Brandi's tongue is still bothering her, but she's glad that she can't talk very much, since she's really not feeling tight with Lisa at the moment. As it turns out, Brandi has been told that Lisa actually knew all along that Scheana Marie had hooked up with Eddie Cibrian while he was still married to Brandi. And Brandi isn't happy about it, natch.

The awkwardness abounds at the actual party, with Lisa wondering why Brandi is ignoring her. Then, the ladies play a bit of musical chairs, as Carlton changes seats. Just a word, ladies: A new seating arrangement isn't going to make you like each other. Luckily, Gigi's incredibly emotional speech made the whole party worthwhile. Her words to David are especially awesome!

Burning Ring of Fire

However, Carlton can only take so much of the party, so she and David hightail it out of there. Just as they're leaving, Kyle pulls out a ring that goes with the necklace she gave Carlton. However, to say that Carlton is less infatuated with this ring than Frodo was with the one in the Lord of the Rings is an understatement.

Credit: Courtesy of Bravo    

After Lisa points out that the gold ring doesn't quite match the blue necklace, David says that Carlton shouldn't accept the ring, and Carlton agrees. Brandi then tells Kyle that Lisa pointed out the color difference, and Kyle doesn't know why Lisa had to meddle.

Finally, the ladies learn that Joyce's father has sadly passed away. While Lisa and Kyle are shopping, Kyle tells Lisa that some of the ladies don't understand how Kyle is still friends with Lisa. Clearly, Lisa doesn't realize that Yolanda and Brandi aren't exactly on Team Lisa these days. But we have a feeling that Lisa will learn soon enough!

Our Overall Thoughts

Above all, this episode makes it clear how loving Yolanda's family is. As for the ladies, Brandi should have gone directly to Lisa and talked about the Scheana issue, rather than just ignoring Lisa. And Carlton should have talked to Kyle before just sending the ring back to Kyle via Brandi. By the way, Kyle: If you ever want to give us jewelry, we'll happily accept it!

It looks like things are going to get extra crazy next week in Puerto Rico. If anyone needs us, we'll be putting on our tennis shoes.