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Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump Asks Brandi Glanville to Retract Bankruptcy Rumors… Again

Here we go again. Earlier this month, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville claimed on her podcast that Lisa Vanderpump had previously come close to filing for bankruptcy. Lisa asked last week for the allegation to be retracted, calling it "slander and damaging" and now Lisa is asking Brandi to retract again. Second time's the charm?

"I am asking you once again @BrandiGlanville to retract this very damaging story, regarding bankruptcy that has been on E! News," Lisa tweets on February 17. "It is completely untrue, and it already has had severe consequences."

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Lisa rarely bickers with her co-stars on Twitter, but she felt the need to do so now. "It's unlike me to dignify BS with a response; however, we were upset as we just saw it on E! News... not cool," Lisa writes. "Anyway, back to work at [Villa Blanca]..."

Meanwhile, Lisa's husband, Ken Todd, has tweeted, "I have never filed for bankruptcy in my life. Slander is illegal, please retract @BrandiGlanville @BravoWWHL @Andy #WWHL." Uh-oh. Let's hope we don't see a Lisa-Brandi lawsuit in the near future.

And how does Brandi respond to Lisa's latest tweets? When a Twitter follower tweets that Lisa has always had Brandi's back, Brandi writes: "I've always had Lisa's back — she dropped me not the other way around. I'm happy speak with you, Lisa, but not on Twitter." This remains consistent with what Brandi has said this season about feeling used by Lisa.

But Lisa cracks us up with her response to Brandi's request to talk. "Where, on podcast?" Lisa quips. Well played, Lisa!

We keep hoping that Lisa and Brandi will patch things up one of these days, but that doesn't appear likely when disagreements like these keep cropping up. It would be nice for Brandi to just retract what she said, but somehow, that doesn't quite feel like Brandi's style. Brandi claims that she got her info from Kyle Richards, but Kyle says she hadn't said anything about Lisa regarding bankruptcy.

Do you think Brandi should retract her statement? Or is she right to stand by what she said?

Source: Lisa on Twitter, Ken on Twitter