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Jimmy Fallon’s $100 Tonight Show Bet: Tina Fey, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and More Pay Up! (VIDEO)

Having a tight-knit group of friends is good for a lot of things, especially when you’re Jimmy Fallon. His BFF roster includes a lot of people we could only dream of sharing an elevator with, but Jimmy’s lucky enough to have their undying support — or is he?

When the newest Tonight Show host brought the show back to New York last night, he admitted that he’d battled a lot of naysayers on his way to the top… including some of his best buddies. But Jimmy’s the one who’s getting the last laugh, because he was smart enough to bet on his own success — literally.

“To my buddy who said that I’d never be the host of The Tonight Show, and you know who you are, you owe me a hundred bucks,” Jimmy said, and in came the parade of 14 celebrities to pay the piper.

So who was there? A lot of familiar faces, including but not limited to Robert De Niro, Tina Fey, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan, and Seth Rogen. Even the famously negative Joan Rivers showed up to make good on her bet.

The processional wrapped up with Stephen Colbert, who presented Jimmy with his prize money in pennies, dumped all over Jimmy’s desk… and down his jacket.

“Welcome to 11:30, bitch!” Stephen, whose show now shares a timeslot with Jimmy’s, said after taking a selfie with the new host.

“Thanks for believing in me, guys!” Jimmy said.

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02.18.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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