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Glee Spoiler: Guess Who Gets a Haircut (PHOTO)

Okay, so this isn't quite as drastic as when Quinn (Dianna Agron) was rocking the pink hair on Glee back in the day. Still, one Glee star is looking a whole lot different after a recent trim. Brace yourself!

When Glee returns next week (yippee!!) from its far-too-long hiatus, it will be a time of transition for a number of the show's characters, as many of them will soon be graduating from McKinley and preparing to meet new people. And what's a better way to start a new chapter than with a new coif, right?

Credit: Instagram    

One character who has definitely been due for a new 'do this season has been Chord Overstreet (Sam). Yes, we love the guy, but his distractingly long hair really needed to go. Thankfully, it appears that Chord has finally seen the light.

On February 12, Glee guest actor Charles Melton posted a pic (at left) of himself posing on the set of Season 5, Episode 14: "New New York" with Chord. "Had a blast on set with this dude, Chord," Charles captions the shot.

As you can see, Chord's hair is a whole lot shorter than it has been this season and we can't be happier about it! We like him with shaggy hair, but the ponytail was a little too much. And a fan's pic provides another look at Chord's newly shorn locks.

So will we see Sam decide to change his hair on the show, perhaps motivated by pressures of the modeling world? Then again, maybe Chord just decided to change up the look for his birthday, as he turned 25 on February 17. Whatever the motivation, we're not complaining!

Do you like Chord's hair better now or how it used to be?

Source: Charles Melton on Twitter, Tumblr