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Kim Kardashian

Nipped and Tucked? Plastic Surgeons Weigh in on Kim Kardashian’s Changing Face

Kim Kardashian’s look has certainly evolved over the years, but is her fabulous face the result of healthy living and good makeup or a healthy relationship with a good plastic surgeon?

While Kim has only publicly admitted to having some conservative Botox — and using the fat-melting machine she used to sculpt her backside KUWTK — plastic surgery experts claim that she’s been carved up more than a Thanksgiving turkey.

Dr. Anthony Youn, who doesn’t treat Kim, reveals to, “It appears to me Kim’s had quite a bit of work done.”

While Dr. Youn doesn’t believe Kim’s hooked on surgery, dubbing her an “enthusiast” rather than an addict, he thinks she’s had quite a few fillers, in addition to a few more serious trips under the knife.

“She looks like she’s had a Botox brow lift, where Botox is injected in a pattern to raise and arch the brows,” says Dr. Youn, adding, “I do believe she may have gone under the knife for a nose job, thinning out and straightening her nose.”

The cherry on top of the plastic surgery cake? Kim’s puffy pout, which Dr. Youn praises for its relatively natural look. Despite his belief that Kim has had her lips plumped by a surgeon, Dr. Youn says, “She doesn’t sport the ‘trout pout’ of some other reality stars.”

Do you think Kim has had plastic surgery, or is her changing look simply the result of a skilled makeup artist?