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Trista Sutter Talks Nikki Ferrell’s Attitude: She’s Being “Insensitive” and “Cocky”

Week after week, Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis falls more in love with Nikki Ferrell. From the first moment they met, he’s been about that action, and she seems to be just as into him. But for as much as she’s been open and affectionate toward him, she hasn’t been as sweet with the ladies in the house, and it’s starting to show. OG Bachelorette Trista Sutter noticed, and wrote about it in her Parade blog for this week’s Miami-based Bachelor episode.

On February 17’s episode, Juan Pablo took Nikki to his then four-year-old daughter Camila’s dance recital, where she met not only his progeny, but also his ex and his parents. She was charming, thrilled, and just the right amount of nervous to sell it. But Trista thinks that her comments away from Juan Pablo aren’t quite the cheeky, funny asides they used to be.

Credit: Bachelor ABC on Twitter    

“Until last night, I’ve been a fan of her sarcasm,” Trista writes. “Not sure if I’m keen on the cocky comments, like how few times she’s been rose-less at a rose ceremony, or the insensitive ‘I’m not a sentimental person’ comment though.”

True, Nikki has definitely made comments about how much more Juan Pablo likes her than the other girls, but what’s changed? As far as the “sentimental” comment, it happened when the other girls were trying to make conversation with her during some group time before the Rose Ceremony. While Clare Crawley talked about her signature gold bar necklace, Chelsie Webster asked Nikki if she wore any jewelry every day. Nikki shut them down with zero warmth, a complete about face from the way she spoke to Camila when she wanted to impress Juan Pablo.

Adds Trista, “Her attitude seems to be changing and not necessarily for the better.” Clare would certainly agree with that!

But what do you think: Has Nikki been getting cockier as the season has progressed, or is she the same she’s always been?

Source: Parade

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